PRINTS ON B’DWAY shows the world of subtlety and depth in art, including a great variety of medium, technique, and textures such representations as in intaglio, lithograph, silkscreen, and digital print. Their sensitivity and aesthetics are definitely reflected on prints through the traditional and/or modern methods of expression.


PEACE, the August annual exhibition, features anti-war and anti-nuclear issues back to A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Artists, focusing on the future of the planet, depict their thoughts and feelings in painting, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media, which may provoke viewers on what we have learned in the atomic age.

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A Day in New York is a series of annual photo/photomontage exhibitions featuring accidental, humorous, and illusive moments captured in everyday life of New York. Since 2013, NY-based artists have shown their focusing subjects, which might have been familiar, missing, or deja-vu scenes that the audience once experienced on a day in New York.